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Woman taking a shower under a large round showerhead.

Do you do any of these on a regular basis? These common shower habits are damaging to your home plumbing system. 

Letting Hair Wash Down the Drain

Does your shower start draining slowly every few months, only to be back to normal after you’ve dug out a huge clump of hair from the drain? If this sounds familiar, you’re probably letting too much hair wash down the shower drain. Some helpful ways to lessen the amount of hair going into your pipes is to use drain strainers to catch it and to get in the habit of brushing your hair before you get in the shower to remove loose hairs before they come out in the shower.

Using a Shower Caddy

Shower caddies that hang from your showerhead may seem like a great idea because they create a convenient space to stash all of your shower products, but they can actually damage your showerhead. The weight of a heavy, bottle-laden shower caddy pulling on a showerhead will gradually damage and displace the fixture over time. Opt for a different kind of shower caddy that doesn’t hang on your showerhead or only keep very light items like loofahs on your hanging caddy.

Leaving Water on the Floor

When you get out of the shower, it’s easy to drip water on the floor and then just forget about it. This is a bad habit for a couple of reasons, though. For one thing, leaving puddles can cause water damage to your bathroom floor. Not only that, but if you’re used to seeing water on the floor from the shower, you’re much less likely to notice a leak in your bathroom and as a result will not be able to get it fixed until it becomes significantly worse and more obvious.

Infrequent Cleaning

If you don’t clean your shower often enough, soap and other product residue will build up, causing smelly, potentially harmful bacteria and blockage that will gum up your drains. Even if your shower doesn’t look dirty, clean it at least once a week and give it a thorough scrub to get rid of product residue before it builds up too much.


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