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The Importance of Boiler and Tankless Water Heater Service

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It is recommended that all boilers and tankless water heaters be serviced regularly, at least once a year, even if nothing appears to be wrong with their operation. Many people don’t fully understand the importance of this annual maintenance and skip it as a result. However, having annual service done actually saves you money on monthly bills and emergency repair costs down the road.

Boiler and tankless water heater service includes a visual inspection of all components and connections, thorough safety checks, and recommendations for any required repairs. Here are the top reasons why boiler and tankless water heater service is so important and should never go overlooked.

Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Having your boiler and tankless water heater serviced on an annual basis helps to prevent sudden breakdowns that leave you without hot water or heat during a winter cold snap. Many boiler or water heater emergencies can be prevented by finding and dealing with the problem before it gets worse and results in a total breakdown of the unit.

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Save Money

Having your boiler or tankless water heater inspected and tuned up regularly ensures that your unit is running as efficiently as possible. This translates to savings on your monthly bills, because less energy is required to heat your home and water if your unit is running properly. Do your wallet a favour and don’t skip out on annual tune ups.

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Waste Less Energy

Tankless water heaters and boilers that are not serviced annually build up more and more mineral deposits, which can block up the system and make it have to work harder in order to produce the same heating effect as a unit without mineral buildup. This means a waste of energy that drives up your monthly bills and harms the environment.

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