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Why You Should Clean Your Toilet Tank

When was the last time you cleaned your toilet tank? This is a chore that many homeowners overlook because they don’t know why it’s important. The fact is, cleaning your toilet tank keeps things running smoothly and prevents future damage. When you clean your toilet tank, you get rid of dirt, rust, and mineral buildup, all of which can cause plumbing issues if ignored for too long. We recommend cleaning your toilet tank regularly, at least twice a year.

How to Clean Your Toilet Tank

You will probably want to wear rubber gloves for this job in order to keep your hands clean and safe. Once you have your rubber gloves on, gently lift the lid off of your toilet tank and place it carefully on a towel on the floor. 

Pour white vinegar into the water in the tank until the liquid level is at about an inch below the top of the tank. Let the vinegar sit in the tank for about 12 hours so that it can work to dissolve mineral deposits and rust. After the 12 hours, flush the toilet two or three times to flush the vinegar out of the tank.

Once the vinegar has been flushed from the tank, turn off the toilet’s water shutoff. This is usually a small valve located close to the floor under the toilet. Now, flush the toilet again to drain the water from the tank. Now you have an empty toilet tank and can clean the inside walls of the tank using a scrub brush and an all-purpose cleaning spray. Use a sponge to wipe down the metal parts inside the tank, removing rust that has been loosened from the vinegar treatment.

Turn the water valve back on and flush the toilet. Take a look at the tank and make sure that the water inside looks clear. If the water is not clear, flush it again and repeat as needed. Once the water looks clear, replace the toilet tank lid and you’re done.

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