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When Should I Shut Off My Gas?

If your home has sustained significant damage or you suspect that there is any risk of danger in having your gas on, such as when there may be a leak, you should shut it off immediately, go outside and call a professional to inspect the situation. Signs that you have a gas leak include hearing the sound of escaping gas and/or smelling rotten eggs. Gas is naturally odourless and that rotten-egg smell is actually added as a safety precaution so that it is easy to smell if there is ever a leak, so never ignore that odour!

It is also important to shut off your gas if a natural disaster like an earthquake has caused major damage to your home and has likely damaged a gas line in the process.

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To recap, turn off your gas immediately if:

  • You hear the sound of gas escaping
  • You smell rotten eggs
  • Your home has sustained major damages


How to Shut off Your Gas

So, if you need to shut off your gas in the case of an emergency, how do you do it? It is essential for any homeowner with a natural gas connection to know exactly how to shut off their gas in order to keep themselves and their home safe.

Make sure that you know where your main gas shutoff is located and how to operate it. You may need a wrench to turn your gas on and off at the main shutoff, so it is a good idea to keep a wrench nearby the shutoff at all times, making it easy to get to quickly in an emergency. In addition to the main shutoff, most gas appliances have individual valves so you can just shut off specific appliances if needed. If your appliance is older and does not have one, it is a good idea to have a shut off installed. 


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