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How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Mini Home Spa

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Soaker Tub

Installing a soaker tub is a wonderful way to create a spa-like getaway in your own home bathroom. Whether you prefer the look of a freestanding soaker tub or a built-in drop-in bath, Waterline’s plumbers can help you choose and install the perfect bath to transform your bathroom into your own personal oasis.

Hydronic Heated Towel Racks

Warming towel racks go a long way in creating a spa experience. Stepping out of your soaker tub or rainfall shower and wrapping yourself in a pre-warmed towel extends the relaxing comfort of a home spa experience. Hydronic heated towel racks or warmers use hot water piped from your home heating system to warm the towels.

Rainfall Shower

A rainfall showerhead is a showerhead that has significantly more surface area than a typical showerhead, which allows the water to mimic warm rainfall. A rainfall showerhead is usually six to ten inches in diameter, giving you much more coverage than with a conventional showerhead. Rainfall showerheads generally have lower pressure in order to create a calm, relaxing shower experience. If you want the calming feeling of a rainfall showerhead but also like a high-pressure stream sometimes, you can get a handheld showerhead installed in tandem with a rainfall showerhead.

Steam Shower

Another great way to make your home shower feel like a luxurious spa experience is to install a steam shower unit. A steam shower unit allows you to generate steam in your shower at the press of a button, creating a home steam room right in your shower. Because you can use them while the shower is on or off, steam units are a great way to relax in a hot shower for an extended length of time without using up a lot of water–simply steam for as long as you like, then quickly shower off. 

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? Let us help you create the home spa you’ve been dreaming of!

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