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Hot water heaters are a central feature of the home, requiring consistent maintenance in order to ensure their efficiency and security. A healthy hot water heater system has innumerable benefits, ranging from minimizing household energy use to improving water quality to mitigating fire risks: having a trusted water heater professional regularly inspect and service your tank is key.

Despite regular servicing however, all water heaters eventually need replacing: with a complex array of unique components, seals, heating systems, oxidative elements, efficiency concerns, and safety considerations, electric and gas water heaters have a finite lifespan that tends to max out at around 10 years.

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At Waterline Plumbing we work closely with our clients to keep their hot water heater system in optimal health throughout its life.

When the time to replace your hot water heater with a new one arrives, we will make sure your new system is catered specifically to your home, needs, and budget, then expertly-installed and calibrated by our team of specialized technicians.

When you begin thinking about the replacement and installation of a hot water heater system in your home, there are a number of key questions to keep in mind.

How do I know I need to replace my hot water heater?

First and foremost, making the decision between repair and replacement is key – while regular maintenance and servicing is part-and-parcel to a healthy hot water heater, there are a few important signs that your system needs a professional diagnostic that may result in replacement.

Check out our detailed write up “How to tell if you should upgrade your water heater” to have a more in-depth look at the many hints your water heater gives you when it needs to be replaced.

How to choose a new gas or electric hot water heater system that's right for you?

After deciding that your hot water heater needs to be replaced, working with a specialist will allow you to cater your new system specifically to your household, lifestyle, and budget.

In the most general sense, you can choose between gas/electric tank systems and tankless systems, all with their own benefits and drawbacks. Check this “how to choose a water heater” article out to help you learn more about the difference between tank and tankless systems, as well as the fuel types that they use.

If you’d like to upgrade to a state-of-the-art tankless system, check out our tankless water heater installation services.

If you have decided to go with a gas or electric tank system, there are 5 main considerations to have in mind when researching your new water heater: fuel, capacity, tank type, cost, and efficiency. For a deeper breakdown on these considerations and others you might have in deciding on a new tank system, check out [this] article.

Here’s a list of key considerations:


The fuel your water heater will use is the first main consideration when deciding on the new model you’ll be installing in your home. The way your water heater system uses fuel will have a bearing on the efficiency of the system, your utility costs, and the potential capacity of the tank, among more. Furthermore, depending on the availability of fuel sources in your area, your choices might be further constrained to the infrastructural and energy grid layout of your home, neighborhood, and city.

Traditionally, it is easier to maintain using the same energy source used by your previous system for the new one: if you had a gas-fueled water heater tank, purchasing and installing an electric water heater would necessitate the installation of new hookups, electrical connections, vents, and extra considerations that surpass just cost.


The next important criteria will be the size of the water heater tank itself. This is unique to your home and lifestyle and is best understood through the first hour rating of your tank: The first hour rating denotes the amount of hot water your heater can produce within a given hour. It is a useful metric by which you can better understand what water heater capacity you need: knowing when your household peak times for hot water use will allow you to choose a water heater that matches your lifestyle. Working with a water heater specialist will allow you to fine-tune this decision and find the perfect fit for your home.

Tank Type

Taking into consideration the hardness of the water in your area, it is important to match the material of the tank and its heating elements to the water going through it. While harder water sources will encourage mineral calcification and corrosion within your tank, preemptively installing tanks built from corrosion-resistant materials will allow you to mitigate factors that would eventually cause your water heater system to become less efficient and more prone to malfunction.


Replacing and installing a new water heater can sometimes be a big purchase, especially up-front. However, it is important to also consider the long-term costs (or savings) that specific types of water heaters come with. The initial investment you make in your new water heater system should be weighed against the operational and servicing costs of the system into the future: while the higher-quality, more energy-efficient model of water heater may require a larger purchase in the short-term, it is extremely likely to save you money on utilities and repairs over the course of its lifetime, ultimately paying for itself.


The energy efficiency of the model you choose has a significant bearing on the overall operational costs of your water heating system. While the effectiveness of your water heater is also tied to regular maintenance and servicing, it is important to weigh the baseline energy use of different water heaters in order to strike a balance between cost and efficiency. The energy factor (EF) denoted on different makes and models will grant you a simple, quantitative approach to choosing a water heater based on efficiency criteria.

Why choose a specialist to service and replace your water heater?

Your water heater system is critical to the comfort and livability of your home. When the time inevitably comes to replace it, a handy homeowner might be tempted to take on the task themselves in the hopes of saving the money it would take to call a technician. Most pros would strongly advise against this: hot water heaters are complicated and can be very dangerous when approached without proper training. For this situation more than many others in the home, it is very much worth calling a specialist.

Removing, replacing, and re-installing a hot water heater is a big job. It involves possessing an intimate knowledge of water heating systems and the risks involved with their maintenance: from gas leaks, ventilation considerations, tank pressure, electrical components, and more, servicing and replacing a water heater system is a specialized job with plenty of dangers involved. Furthermore, many water heater brands’ warranties are immediately voided if the heater is installed by untrained individuals.

Could improper installation by a layperson result in a greater long-term cost of servicing (or worse)? Is the price of calling a technician worth more than the safety of your home and family? Instead, let Waterline Plumbing’s team of expert technicians bring you peace of mind, ensuring your new water heater system is installed properly to maximize its effectiveness and safety. Furthermore, our extensive guarantee system ensures you rest easy knowing your water heater system is being installed and maintained by the best hands possible.

What will your hot water heater replacement and installation look like with Waterline Plumbing?

At Waterline Plumbing we work closely with our clients at every step of the process to fine-tune their new water heater system to their home and lifestyle. As a member of the FortisBC Trade Ally Network with Level 2 Navien Certifications for all of our installers, Waterline Plumbing prides itself on being a team built from local, highly-specialized, and rigorously-certified technicians.

1. Discuss options: When you contact our team for hot water heater installation, we begin by going over various possible setup options for your home based on tank types, sizes, budget, and warranty options – among more.

For those hoping to switch their tank hot water system to a tankless one, we also offer a free in-home visit to ensure the switchover is possible in your house. To learn more about tankless water heater systems and their installation with Waterline Plumbing, check out [this] article.

2. We explain the process: Once you have chosen your new water heater system, we will explain the set-up process in depth and offer you a timeline for the installation of your new hot water tank.

For most standard tank replacements we also offer same-day installation, ensuring your home and family are back to business as usual in no time.

3. We keep in constant communication with you: On the day of the install you will receive a message from your technician to let you know he is on his way, paired with a picture of his friendly face and some information about him.

Gone are the moments of waiting around all day for a technician to arrive, sometimes not showing up at all: this year, Waterline Plumbing is proud to have comprehensively implemented a state-of-the art program that optimizes our back office operations, making ambiguous time windows a thing of the past. When the tech is en-route, clients are automatically notified and can follow the technician’s live location. This program also allows us to triage and notify our clients well before any appointment is missed or delayed. We invested in this program to ensure efficient and timely service at all levels of our operations: we value your time in the way we value ours.

4. We take exceptional care while installing: During the installation, all surfaces are protected with heavy-duty moving blankets. With a post-installation clean of the work area, we make sure to leave every site cleaner than we found it. From shoe booties to vacuums in each van, we take great pride in the quality of our client’s experience when we are in their home.

5. Extensive testing: After install, the technician will extensively test the water to confirm your new tank is operating optimally. He will walk you through the install process he just completed and teach you the details of your new system.

Before departing we offer a plumbing checkup on your home at no charge. Additionally, when your tank needs servicing in future Waterline Plumbing clients are exempt from call-out fees – we’ll charge only for the tech’s labor.

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Tankless Water Heaters

If you prefer to go tankless, Waterline also installs and repairs tankless water heaters. More and more people are opting for tankless units in their homes because they save space, provide hot water on demand, can save on monthly bills, last longer than hot water tanks, and are more environmentally friendly.

Interested in upgrading to a tankless water heater or need maintenance, repairs, or installation done?

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Awesome service! Responded to our call quickly and were reasonably priced - job was done efficiently so no extra fees. These guys know their stuff! Definitely recommend!

Karrie McClinchey, North Vancouver

Waterline was new to me earlier this summer, but they will be my go-to plumbing company from here on. They're responsive, professional, courteous, and send highly capable plumbers who are able to problem-solve well and clearly communicate what they're doing (and why) with the customer. If you're in need of a plumber, do yourself a favour and call these guys first.

John D, North Vancouver

Friendly fast professional service. Plumber finished a job early and fit me in the following day. A stubborn job that took patience and considerable effort to complete. I will call them for my next job and would recommend using their service.

Jeremy Calder, North Vancouver

We had a hot water tank installed and another minor repair in our kitchen sink. They came in and did a wonderful job. Plus they came on time. It's nice when they respect the time they have given you. We are really pleased and I would highly recommend Waterline Plumbing

Michelle H, North Vancouver

I am so impressed with Waterline plumbing. They are professional and the quality of their work is outstanding. I have used this company on three occasions for separate issues and they resolved all problems (which were complex). Their scheduling office is prompt and polite. Highly recommend.

Sandy Maduke, North Vancouver

If I could give 10 stars I would! The service was incredible!! A plumber was at my house within 30 mins. They were fast, friendly, efficient, professional and clean! This will be my go to company for any future plumbing needs. Thank you!!!!

Alexis Muir, North Vancouver

Waterline was called in by our contractor because the original plumbing firm was unacceptable. The Waterline crew were called in on three different occasions (3 different jobs) and each time the work was completed quickly and professionally. Waterline will be our only call from now on if we ever need a plumber again.

Larry Moore, North Vancouver


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