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Upgrade to High-Efficiency Models

Upgrading to high-efficiency boilers, water heaters, toilets or other fixtures and appliances makes a big difference in the amount of water waste in your home. Newer, higher efficiency models use considerably less water in order to run effectively, 

Have Regular Plumbing Inspections Done

Getting your plumbing inspected regularly will keep your plumbing running at its most efficient and prevent water waste. Regular service also means that any minor issues that aren’t noticeable in day-to-day use will be identified and addressed before they become major problems that cause water waste, damage, and could be very costly to fix later.

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Install Flo by Moen

Flo by Moen is an innovative smart home water security system that allows you to monitor and control your home’s water supply with an app from anywhere in the world. Flo senses leaks and irregular moisture, so it helps you detect leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed. It also allows you to shut off your water from any location, making it easy to prevent water waste and water damage even when you are away from home.

Don’t Ignore That Leak

You know that minor drip you noticed under your sink and just didn’t feel like dealing with? Please deal with it. Even a seemingly tiny leak wastes a lot of water once you add it all up. Fixing a leak as soon as you’re aware of it is better for the environment and your monthly bills. Not only that, but getting that leak fixed right away when it is still minor will prevent you from having to fix a much bigger (and more expensive!) problem later if the leak gets bigger or the pipe bursts.

Install a Water Meter

Installing a water meter is a worthwhile investment because it allows you to track fluctuations in your water usage and pinpoint exactly how much you are using. You’ll also be able to accurately measure the decrease in water waste from following the steps outlined above, so you can see your progress as you work to waste less water.

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