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Plumbing Services

All homeowners deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their plumbing is in reliable hands with a reputable company that you can be trust. This is essential to getting any plumbing problem repaired quickly and correctly.

Gas Services

With gas and electrical costs constantly on the rise, be sure that you have the latest in high-efficiency components installed by experts to bring you years of reliable service. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

Hot Water Services

How old is your hot water tank? Waterline Plumbing Ltd. can quickly and cleanly replace your hot water tank with a similar model, or upgrade to much higher efficiency tank-less model. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

We work closely with these brand:

Navien    |    Bradford    |    Rheem

Heating Services

We install many brands of boiler systems a few include:

Navien    |    Viessman    |    IBC

and many more. Your mechanical will look and run so beautifully, you will want to show it to guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get my boiler, furnace and or hot water tank serviced?

Fortis along with most manufacturers recommends all gas appliances be serviced yearly. Preferably in the fall, so when the first cold front hits you know you are covered.

Our yearly service covers:
Changing filters (if needed), Check proper functioning of systems, Winterizing hose bibs & change out those batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Why do my drains backup in the basement when using my upstairs plumbing, what can I do?

Many homes, especially older ones may have drainage that wouldn’t necessarily meet today’s standards. That in combination with today’s low flow fixtures, the drains may be accumulating debris.

We recommend homeowners occasionally flush out drainage with the hottest water they can. Fill a few sinks with hot soapy water and let them all go / drain (be careful to make sure that water isn’t coming out on the lower floor). Followed by flushing the toilets a couple of times to push a good amount water through your system.

If this doesn’t work, it might be necessary to get your drains cleaned occasionally.

Why does my toilet have a mind of its own, it turns on and off randomly?

Generally there are two parts that may be the cause of this:

a) The flapper (the rubber or plastic part that is lifted when you push the flush lever) with age will begin to crack and let water through into the bowl. This part (generally) is available at any hardware store and if you are comfortable can be fixed by exchanging out the old for new. If you have questions we are always happy to walk someone through the process.

b) The fill valve (the part that has the float on it that fills the tank) with age, often ceases and doesn’t shut off properly continuing to add water to the tank after it is full.  Fortunately, most toilets allow the excess water to enter the bowl and drain without causing damage.  This part is a little more complicated to replace and we would recommend calling us.

Why am I getting bad smells out of a bathroom we don’t even use?

This is a fairly normally asked question with a quite simple answer:  Your Ptraps have dried out. Every fixture is protected with a Ptrap to stop gases from the sewer system from entering your home. If you don’t use a fixture for a long period of time, or if a floor drain never gets used, the Ptrap will dry out. Simply pour a few litres of water down the drains, and problem solved. If the problem persists, call for an appointment as we will be happy to come and have a closer look.

What brand of fixtures (toilets, faucets ect.) do you recommend?

We do not like recommending one brand over another as there are many great brands out there. However what we can recommend is to use a brand with a well recognizable name that have local distribution. Although foreign brands may be of quality, if you were to need a part three years down the road, this could be a challenging task.

The work was completed expertly, and quickly, by Alex and his team. The cost was right in line with the estimate and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. We have no hesitation in recommending Waterline Plumbing. Laura was also extremely professional and efficient with the billing and payment options. A great experience all round.

Lois Keen, North Vancouver

Would definitely recommend Alex and Waterline Plumbing! He helped during our kitchen renovation and was reliable, honest and job was done properly.

Laura Prouse, North Vancouver

Best plumber ever!!! Honest, reliable, quality service!!!

Laurie Brown, North Vancouver

Recently had a leak problem that would require some work. Happened to be fortunate to have this company in my neighborhood so stopped by to see if they could help. Laura was very accommodating and said she would have someone there next day. Later that day she sent an e-mail asking if i could send a photo of the damaged area so that they could make sure they would have proper materials on hand so that they wouldn't have to run up extra "travel time costs" to get parts. Showed up on time and did an excellent job, made sure everything was cleaned up to our expectations. On top of that bill was "no surprises" and certainly reasonable. Would certainly recommend them for any plumbing needs.

Brian Keats, North Vancouver

I needed a new hot water tank for my house and called Waterline Plumbing. Alex came out and gave me a free estimate on the replacement cost for a new tank plus installation.

I also had questions about the options for a tankless, on demand type system which he answered for me. He was very honest and straightforward, and gave me the facts on the differences between the 2 types of systems and let me decide for myself. I decided to go with a traditional tank like the one I had, but I learned a lot about the different options.

When they came back a few days later to install my tank they were very respectful and courteous and did a great job replacing my old tank.
I was very impressed with the service!

Mike Fukumura, North Vancouver


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