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Tips to Prevent Flooding in Your Home

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Water pooling underneath a door onto a grey tile floor.

Install Flo by Moen

Flo by Moen is a smart home water control system that you operate from a simple app on your phone. It detects leaks of all sizes, from small drips to burst pipes, and allows you to shut off your home’s water with the press of a button, no matter where you are.

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Checking the Type of Water Pipe You Have

Take a look at your water pipes. If you have grey water piping it is most likely poly B pipes, which are highly susceptible to leaks and should be changed if possible or at least monitored closely.

Install a Sump Pump and Test it Regularly

Most new homes are fitted with a sump pump, but older homes may need one to be installed or upgraded to a unit with back-up batteries in case of power failure. A sump pump redirects excess water away from your home in order to prevent basement flooding. If you already have a sump pump, get it inspected before the wettest season to make sure that it is running smoothly when you need it most. 

Check the Water Pressure in Your Home

Check your home’s water pressure regularly. This will help extend the life of your water pipes. If your Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is not functioning properly, you are susceptible to extremely high city pressure which can damage your fixtures and your water piping.

We hope the above tips help and that you do not have to deal with any flooding in your home this season, but if it does happen, we’re here to help! Call our experienced plumbers today for help with flooding, leaks, water damage, and any other repairs you may need.

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