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Have you had your toilet for a while now and are wondering how to tell when you should replace it? Here are the most common signs that mean you need a new toilet.

Noticeable Signs of Corrosion

If your toilet is noticeably corroding, it is likely time to upgrade to a new model. Watch for obvious signs of corrosion such as rust, brown or reddish stains in your toilet bowl or tank, and discolouration of the water in your toilet. Common areas for corrosion to occur include the toilet tank, the flush handle, and inside the toilet bowl.


Cracks in your toilet tank or bowl are a sure sign that it’s time to upgrade to a new toilet. Cracks will turn into leaks and get worse and worse the longer you leave them. Once a toilet begins developing any cracks, more will likely follow and it is a good idea to have your toilet replaced with a new one before it deteriorates more.

Frequent Repairs

Do you find yourself having to call a plumber to come and fix your toilet more often than you used to? That’s your signal to cut your losses and get a new toilet. It’s more affordable in the long term to buy a whole new toilet now than to keep spending money on constant repairs to your current toilet until it eventually breaks down beyond repair.

Even if your toilet is still working, if it is old and inefficient, you may want to consider investing in a new toilet that uses less energy and costs you less on your monthly bills. If you’re ready for a new toilet, get in touch with Waterline Plumbing today.

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