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Heading out of town? Before you leave, use this vacation plumbing checklist to make sure your home plumbing system is not using excess energy or causing problems while you’re away.

Turn off Your Pilot Light

If you have a gas fireplace, just having the pilot light on costs you money. In fact, your pilot light can cost up to $10 per month, which is pretty significant.Turn it off before you go on vacation. There’s no reason to keep it on while you’re out of town and you’ll save some cash.

Clean Your Drains

You don’t want to come home from your vacation to a funky smelling drain. Give all of your drains a thorough wipe down using vinegar to get rid of any unpleasant odours. If your drains need a more thorough cleaning, call in the professionals to fully clear your drains of any excess food bits and other debris that’s ready to cause a stink.

Set Your Hot Water Tank to Vacation Mode

Most hot water tanks have a setting called “vacation mode” which reduces the temperature of the water and decreases the amount of energy that your water heater will use while you’re away. Selecting this setting while you are on vacation will save energy and reduce your environmental footprint while you’re not at home using your water tank. If your hot water tank doesn’t have a “vacation” setting, you can simply turn down the temperature setting.

Fix Leaks

If you have any leaky taps, get them fixed before you go on vacation. Those leaks are wasting water and money, plus they could turn into a bigger problem or even a burst pipe while you’re away, and you definitely don’t want to come home to that. No time to get your leaks fixed before you leave? In that case, simply turn off the water before you leave to prevent water waste and potential mishaps.

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